Koji Honpo False Lashes

I came to write about my experience with false lashes after having a conversation with my fellow community members. They asked what lashes I used and I said "I'm kinda an elitist and only use Dolly Wink", I did not know why I said elitist (i.e. favouring) but I guess it's the only false lashes I believe that truly give the look I envision it to be. As I am recollecting events of the day back home and this question stuck with me, why the f**k did I say I am elitist? Therefore I wrote this piece to apologize for my lapse of judgement and clarify. This piece is base on my experience with various false lashes brands from Shu Uemura to generic drugstore, I am no expert in lashes just a casual observance and comparison. Feel free to highlight the points you disagree.

1. Quality
I can't say much about quality. If you take care of your lashes well enough, it will last. If you decide to be rough with your Dolly Wink it's not gonna last. You're probably gonna get the bang out of your buck if you just take care of them well. The emphasis of my topic is DESIGN.

2. Fibres
It is because of its soft fibres which give a natural look compare to hard plastic fibres you get from generic ones. The soft fibres gives a very subdued look compared to harsh plastic look. Yes, I know some people aim for the Lolita fashion look with harsh artificial looking lashes so it pop out more rather than the subdued ones, but hey, different aesthetic preferences in everybody.

Dolly Wink No. 2

Eyelash Cute Rabbit from Daiso that I would call typical generic brand

Not the best comparison, but I'm trying to illustrate differences in fibres. Dolly Wink has a natural individual strand that frays, disorganized and flares at the micro-level to give a real-life lash look because human do not grow lashes in perfect parallel strand in one direction. So, if you are the natural type, go for Dolly Wink.

3. Design and Choices
Koji Honpo the umbrella company that produces Dolly Wink lashes have various design choices. Many slightly different ones. Why buy slightly different lashes as oppose to buying completely different ones? Well, if you are me. Tiny differences matter a lot. The slight change in length and thickness across the lashes can frame how you want your eyes to look. It the fine details that matters to me to give me a perfect look.


High similarities with differences in placement of thickness at different points.



Same 2/3 lashes with different length.

If you are perfectionist like me, yes I would want a spectrum of choices vs. a categories. I don't like companies producing like 3 different lashes and call it a day. I want company that gives me 20+ slightly different choices and I was only discussing Dolly Wink line a lone. There are others like Charming Kiss, Spring Heart, Rush Concierge and many more under Koji Honpo. Which they are specialist in false eyelash making. I am currently using Charming Kiss line as they came out recently, so far it's good.


I am very particular of slight differences.

4. Price
That's a personal choice. Is it worth your money? Maybe yes, maybe no. Internet medium has allow me to voice my insignificant opinion and yelling into deep hollow space of the cyber space. Do not let my opinion change your stance in the product you believe in. Always try it for yourself and have personal first hand experience. My experience may differ from yours because we all set a personal standard. Jokes aside, to me it's pretty awesome to own a pair of Koji Honpo lashes. Discussions and disagreement are welcomed.

Lashes I wore for yesterday's meetup: